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Coaching is Bunny's passion. She wants to bring out the very best in you so that  you can live the life you had only imagined.

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Turtle Shells: Heading Through Cancer

​Turtle Hatchings: Breathing New Life

Coastal Staging & Redesign

What is Home Staging & how will staging help to sell MY HOUSE? What is a Redesign (Facelift)?

About: Bunny Leach

"TURTLE SHELLS: Heading Through Cancer shows us the unfailing love between this mother and daughter, as well as their profound faith, that makes it possible to endure the unendurable. This is a deeply moving, intimate and ultimately inspiring portrait, a story that will stay with you.


#1 New York Times best selling author

 "TURTLE HATCHINGS: Breathing New Life", is a book of Love, survival, and new beginnings...2018

Bunny lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where she writes and runs her home staging and redesign business. Bunny is a certified Life Coach, and conducts many of her sessions while walking on the beach with her client.  Her superior coaching skills  have helped hundreds transition successfully through life.